Jeff Koons

One of the most famous artist’s works you can see in the Newport Street Gallery, who is Jeff Koons, one of the most admired artists of all time. The whole exhibition is in a two-floored gallery space which has divided into six parts, and there is good connection can be seen in the exhibition. This exhibition shows more than 20 pieces of Jeff’s work, from his early period to recent works so that we can know the whole Jeff’s career from this exhibition. Although there are some paintings and pictures in the exhibition, the majority of the works are installations and sculptures.
The most attractive work is an installation called Balloon Monkey (Blue), which is in the gallery two. The artist used mirror-polished stainless steel to make this installation; it looks like a bloom toy. Because of the special material, its reflective surface brought mirroring, our bodies will show the work when we are looking at it, making our bodies become part of this work. The prototype of this work is bloom, for Jeff Koons, he thinks objects containing air resemble our bodies. Bloom can inflate air, and it is just as a symbol of life and death. The work also including some sexual part of human bodies, and artist want the audience to face our desire, and remove the stigma of shame and guilt when we look at it. This work is made with great technique, and they are beautiful to look at it.
Different audiences will associate different aspect when they are watching the Balloon Monkey (Blue). Some people see the memory of childhood, while others see admirer of Marcel Duchamp. He just put everyday objects in the gallery, made it transform into an artwork, just change the objects standard meaning. There are also some people find the sexuality behind the work and the relationship between life and death. Put this work sole in the centre of the exhibition to get a connection with the other part gallery. Artist using bloom to created some works to express the memory of childhood, which can see in the gallery five and six. The everyday object can be artworks, which are shown in the gallery one and gallery four. As for gallery three, it is just talking about the sexuality. Curator using the gallery as the centre to make the whole exhibition connected, make the whole exhibition look very harmony.
As for me, after I visited this exhibition, it reminds me of the famous contemporary artist Joseph Beuys’ idea “ Everyone is an artist, everything is an artwork”. There is no standard to distinguish the good or bad of contemporary artworks, the only thing we can do is enjoying it and find our views and accept contemporary artworks.
Overall, this is an excellent exhibition and one that anyone with an interest in contemporary art should see. The artist has produced work of high level, also made the art becomes critical thinking made visible, and the curator has selected the pieces well to match the theme.






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