Artist — Cai Guoqiang

Cai Guoqiang’s art is unique, and have the explosive visual impact, just like gunpowder.
Gunpowder, which is an explosive material, come from nature, basically minerals. Gunpowder was firstly made for healing purposes, the yellow powder he applied for painting is also called realgar, still a medicine in China now.
As for normal people, gunpowder is something unreachable in normal life. However, gunpowder is deeply connected to his childhood memories, as military conflicts and war became part of his younghood life, firepower and gunpowder become a natural part of his life, thus his explosive methods are actually a passway for him to seek back to his early ages.
From his works, the impact and destructive power of gunpowder are clearly illustrated. Using gunpowder as painting material, an intense dialogue between nature and human will be carried out when the explosion occurs. The power of it is closely felt and then permanently retained on the canvas. the combination of powerful materials and the thoughts involving mankind and the universe, elevated the works of his to a higher realm, rather than simply a show off of visual effects.

white tone (2016)


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