What is more important? Artist or art work?



今天在newport street gallery 看了Gurk Turin 的作品,期中令我印象最深的便是上图中的这两幅作品。艺术家在一副作品中留下的仅仅是自己的签名,这似乎是当代艺术最大的讽刺。在21世纪这样一个信息化的时代,让我感觉连艺术家也被贴上了巨星的标签。自杜尚起,人们意识到了“现成品”也可以成为艺术品,越来越多的艺术家开始了“拿来主义”的创作,这样的艺术方式即使存在非议,但终究是被社会认可的。这样的艺术形式正如博伊斯所说“人人皆是艺术家,物物皆是艺术品”,似乎在当今这样一个时代,任何人都有成为艺术家的潜力。在这样的时代,这样的作品,似在像世人表明在名气面前,创作的方式、绘画的技法、作品的含义等等这一切都不重要了,因为一个知名艺术家的名字就好似一个知名品牌,只要把以书记自己的名字标上,这便足以能够使之成为一个艺术品。

Today I saw the works of Gavin Turk at the newport street gallery, and the most impressed are the two pieces in the picture above. The only thing on the work is the artist’s signature, which could seen as  the biggest irony of contemporary art. In the 21st century such an informatization era, that let me feel even the artist has also been labeled the star tag. Since Duchamp, people realize that “object” can also become an art work, more and more artists began to “use” the exist object , this way has lots of criticism, but this way still accept by the sociality. This art form, as Beuys said, “Everyone could be an artist, everything could be an art work”, it seems that in such an era, anyone has the potential to be an artist. In such an era, such works seem like to show that in front of fame,  the way of creation, the techniques of painting, the meaning of the works, etc. seems not important anymore.  A well-known artist’s name is like a well-known brand, even write down his name,this is enough to make it a work of art.

这样的时代,每个艺术家都在追求名与利,在追求名与利的道路上毫无疑问是艺术家更加重要,一个知名艺术家他本身就是一张名片, 他会有几个让人熟知的作品,这便使得他这张名片更有价值,但他不可能让世人记住他每一件作品,但他可以让世人记住他的名字。这样的时代,艺术品早已没有了评判的标准,每一件作品都会有人欣赏也都会有人憎恶。

In this era, every artist is  pursue the name and benefit,there is no doubt that the artist is more important on the way of pursue the fame, a well-known artist is like a business card, if he  have several well-known works , which will makes his fame more valuable, but he can not let the world remember his every works, but he can let the world remember his name. Such an era, art has no criteria for judging anymore, each piece of work will be appreciated by someone will also be hated.


Cavey 1991-7 by Gavin Turk born 1967
Cavey 1991-7 Gavin Turk born 1967 Purchased with assistance from the Knapping Fund and Tate Fund 2010 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T13208


As for me, me favorite one is the installation in the following picture. I like art work which could use reflection material, it will have different vision in different angle when you watching it, and the audiences could also be a part of the work. My favorite part of this work is the streaks on the surface, this streaks traces could see it is been man-made, which have a natural rust.

Robert Morris Untitled



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