Research Paper–Ideas and Suggestions

扫描 1

I would like to find the certain direction of my thesis throughout my previous works. Some of the key words of my works are extracted:

slide, projector, magnify, colour, old technology, photo and printing, materials, burning. By reviewing those keywords I came out with two possible topics for my thesis.

The first one is about the application of old media or old technologies being applied in art. Old technologies would’ve been replaced y the new ones in actual world yet lots of artists use them to be an active part of their own artwork, and working on new possibilities.

As the old and outdated slide projector was used in my works, and the slides showed uniqueness when put into the projector, indicating that hardly any other new technologies could replace its function when it comes to presenting my slides, and maybe the old technologies like this are not at all useless.

The second idea is to study about magnify and magnification. When put into the projector, the slides are magnified remarkably, this reminds me of the details of the organic lives being seen through a microscope. Does it mean that the slides that I made could be something life-alike? At least I wasn’t expecting all those details when making them. I would also analyze Rob Kesseler’s works as a reference.


关于我的论文,我准备从我的作品中来寻找自己想研究的方向。首先我提取了几个作品中的关键词:slide,  projector,  magnify, color, old technology, photo and printing, material, burning.


1. 第一个方向是关于旧的媒介或者是旧的科技在艺术中的运用,旧的技术因其自身的过时而衰退,都是这并不表示这种技术在艺术领域被完全取代,仍然有很多艺术家利用过时的技术进行实验来完成自己的作品并去发现其中的可能性。




2.第二个方向是关于作品被放大,再幻灯片投影仪的作用下我的作品可以被放大到很大,这让我想起了生物学。肉眼看不到的细胞图能够在显微镜下能够清晰看见,而我的作品肉眼很难看清楚的细节也在使用投影仪后能够清晰看见。在制作作品时有时很难想像到最后的结果时什么,因为有许多细小的细节肉眼几乎不能看见。研究这个方向我将从Rob Kesseler的作品开始分析。



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