In this exhibition I chose a video project for final presentation. I developed my film slide in the darkroom, and printed the photo as well. The slide is shown in the video, and the focus point is shifting gradually, in order to show the changes in the photo film, which is one of the eye-catching point of my work. The slight difference of the photo slide is only to be seen through change of focus, and I find video the best way to illustrate.  The slide is also shown in a mono-colored way, so that the use of vibrant colors is proven not the only thing in this work, but also the patterns and details in it.



I am not satisfied with the video editing in this work however, as minor glitches are seen in the video. Color difference is also a problem. The colors in the photo is not as good as it seems in person, which can be improved as well.



I hope that in the future my work would be more bold in color and other aspects. Apart from videos and pictures, I would like to try more creative medias to illustrate my work, so that it feels more unique. What I research recently is about some photography works, from their work I could find lots of connection part from my work with their, that let me need to think about my next step do I need to work with photography? And also need to think how to make connection between my slide and photography. I need to find out a specific goal to guide my next experiment in next term.





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