The Daily Object– You Can’t Afford




The picture above are some daily objects which has been argued on the Internet recently. The whole series about study stationeries, toys and daily objects. It seems the  ordinary daliy objects have a surprising price, which has made many people to lament that even the most basic items they can’t afford.

我曾经的第一个作品就是关于日常用品的Flow (Video),当时对于作品的思考就是那些曾经在我记忆中的日常用品。看到这组图片的评论时,大部分人说买不起的评论让我觉得很有意思,这些日常用品的买不起只是因为昂贵的价格,实际上它是可以购买的,但是我所做的日常用品买不起便是已经流逝的记忆无法回来。

My first work is about the daily objects Flow (Video), and the thought of the work was the old memories of daily objects. When seeing this group of pictures, the comment of couldn’t afford this daily objects made me feel very interesting, these supplies couldn’t afford  just because expensive price, it is actually could purchase, but what I did on daily objects is about passing memory which couldn’t buy it.



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