B&W experiment

扫描 2扫描 3扫描 4扫描 5扫描 6扫描 7扫描扫描 1

扫描 10扫描 11扫描 8扫描 9扫描 1扫描 2扫描 3扫描 6扫描 4扫描 7扫描 5

这一组的实验来源于之前对chloe sells的作品的研究,在已经有图像的相纸表面通过叠加颜料来增加色彩,以及对原有 图像的改变。由于黑白印制让原本在彩色印制时看不到的细节变得更加突出,因而掩盖了画面原本中的人物,而通过颜料的叠加,可以主观的将想要突出的部分进行强调,也可以将不重要的细节进行弱化。这种主观的改变能够让我去按照自己期望的想法去控制画面,给了我自由发挥的可能性。

This group of experiments originated from a previous study of the works of Chloe Sells, adding color to the surface of the photographic paper already on the image, and changing the original image. Because black-and-white printing makes the details that were not visible when printed in color become more prominent, it masks the characters in the original picture, and through the superposition of pigments, the part that you want to highlight can be emphasized subjectively. Unnecessary details will be weakened. This subjective change allows me to control the picture according to my own expectations, giving me the possibility of free play.



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