Inspired by Chloe Sells 2

扫描 40


Two different mesh fabrics, one on top of the other and directly on the photo paper

扫描 41


The result of stacking the same kind of paper on film and photographic paper is directly placed on the photographic paper because the lines are denser and the image is more blurred, which is more like various scratches left on the film.

扫描 42扫描 43


The same plastic net leaves different marks on the photo during exposure

扫描 44扫描 45扫描 46扫描 47


In the grid-like fabric, different movement trajectories are left on the photograph during the exposure, and different movement methods also cover the faces of the characters.

扫描 48扫描 49扫描 50扫描 51扫描 52


The plastic paper that has been kneaded on the photographic paper will leave traces of plastic movement during exposure.


According to previous attempts to add materials, this experiment is to add different materials to the same film in different ways. Due to the different characteristics of the materials, the final results also reflect the characteristics of these materials in the photos. come out.


扫描 53扫描 54扫描 55扫描 56扫描 57扫描 58扫描 59扫描 60


This time, the attempt was to place plastic sheets on photo paper on the original processed film. Different placement methods could give the screen different marks.



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